Shirt stays or garters have been around for years keeping a well dressed man's shirt tight and tucked.  However, our shirt stay's wrap just above the knee improving the comfort and ease of use when getting ready.  Whether Mr. Shirt is used once to impress on the first date or daily to impress in the office this is one accessory that can be used during any function to keep your shirt tucked in.  Staying tucked is as simple as a "wrap, snap and, a tug" towards looking your best. (1).gif
I wore the slip over foot shirt stays for years and finally got sick of having to almost get naked to sit on the can. This product reduces my “exposure” in not so sanitary conditions. The stays work great.
— Nikki
These things are pretty awesome. Very high quality, was a little weird to get used to the straps around my thighs versus the shirt to sock ones but it wasn’t uncomfortable. By far the best shirt stays I’ve ever used and a veteran owned company! Reasonable price, can’t beat it!
— Erin & Seth Shaffer