• What size Mr. Shirt should I get?

    Mr. Shirt is universal, and fits any size leg. So there's no need for measurements or different sizes.

  •  Will Mr. Shirt detach once worn?

Mr. Shirt once attached will hold strong the entire day, whether that's running to catch a taxi or climbing the corporate ladder.  Yes, Mr. Shirt will stay put, even when life gets active.

  • Will Mr. Shirt be difficult to put on?

Mr. Shirt is a simple “wrap, snap and a tug” from keeping your shirt tucked in when dressing for work or a night out on the town. Also, it can be quickly put on and off for when nature calls.

  • Will Mr. Shirt be uncomfortable?

Unlike regular shirttail garters or shirt stays, Mr. Shirt doesn’t connect to your socks but just above your knee.  This prevents unwanted chaffing on the leg, uncomfortable straps while sitting and, the unexpected "SNAP" as a clip fails sending the strap shooting up your leg.